What are the top songs of Simge until February 2019?

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Simge Sağın is a Turkish singer (born in 1981). She started her career in 2010 and followed by she was a well-known artist in Turkey in 2015 by ‘Mis Mis‘ music.

According to a poll in WhatIsTop website, figures reveal that until February of 2019, “Yanki” was the most famous music of her by listeners (1019 votes, 34.13%). After that, “Uzulmedin Mi” with 28.97% was too close to Yanki. “Ben Bazen“, “Opucem” and “Prens Ve Prenses” were the next top music of Simge with 17%, 10% and 6% respectively.


Still, you can submit your vote in Simge’s top songs in this link. What do you think about Simge? How are her songs? Share your idea with us.

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